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About me

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This is viticulture a current favorite game about wine making. A great worker placement game.
This is Roll for the Galaxy, a fun strategic game of exploration using these fun custom dice in different colors.

In my personal life, I am a passionate gamer. I love gathering with friends and playing competitive strategy table top games. I also enjoy a good video game.


I generally find cleaning the kitchen and the resulting clean space to be oddly satisfying.

I’m a scientist, and I want to know how something works and why can’t it be even better?

I’m a social scientist, and as a friend once said,

“You can’t be good at this unless you’re nosy.”

So yes, I’m nosy, I’m a people watcher.

Lastly, but not least, I’m a father. So some part of my heart & mind is with my kids, whether near or far.


The danger of being a philosophy major is that one wants to become a philosopher. Well I’m no true philosopher, but I do have a philosophy.


It seems that service, freely given in the form of your time and attention and even what you can move around with your muscles, can work wonders in almost any situation. In whatever situation I’m in, I’ll find some way to help out with what’s happening.


My profession has been described by some as applied empathy, or gathering the data that can help increase empathy. Paying attention to others and always presuming the best is how I try to operate. Of course, sometimes people make choices that hurt because you see the pain it causes them, others, or even myself. Always passing comfort and empathy inward (like this diagram) goes a very long way to help people.


Hope is what keeps me moving forward. I believe in the power of hope; hope for a better world, hope for individuals, and for humanity as a whole. There is so much we don’t understand about the world, the universe, and I’m often aware of how insignificant and small our sphere of influence truly is, when measured on the scale of the universe, but I believe that acting in hope of a positive outcome, we can do much good.