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How I work

Inclusive, participatory, hands-on

My default approach is to work in an inclusive, participatory, and usually hands-on way. This doesn’t mean micromanaging, it means designing for great experiences for everyone involved. This always includes users, but it must include business stakeholders, product managers, executives, engineers, and of course, designers.

sticky notes
I often use sticky notes as way of not only getting something visual to work with, but it’s very participatory. This is part of many design traditions including those I’ve been involved with such as the Delft Design method.

UX people can sometimes get lost with an exclusive focus on the user. I know, I’ve done it before, many times. It’s our job balance user & business needs. Research is positioned to bring people together to discuss the data and take action together. For me this means participatory workshops with decision makers, communication pieces that are on point, accurate, attractive, and actionable.

I’ve been trained in participatory design, action research, and Duarte presentation & communication methods.

People on my teams are used to hearing me say “Can I be frank?” often. My job is to communicate what’s expected (a vision, quality, purpose), help increase alignment across the organization, and remove obstacle for my team so they spend long periods of time doing what they do best in their zone of excellence. I continue to work on my coaching and my ability to work in the constantly changing organization I work in.