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My Work

I’m a technology-agnostic user experience researcher who leads teams because I care about people, I care about quality, and I care about changing the world—impact.



The reason why we build or improve anything is so we can better give people what they need and want. Of course as user experience professionals, it is our job to lead people in order to understand and empathize with people creating a great experience. I listen carefully to my team giving them what they need and removing obstacles while working closely with stakeholders to create great programs of research, so we can get past “we can’t do that” to “how can we make this happen?”.


In order to design & build great experiences we need to be focused on quality, but in 2016 what does that mean and how can research help? In short, research & design can open up new spaces, iterate & improve projects in development, and better understand experiences that we can gather both behavioral & attitudinal data about. Doing things right, both in our methods and how we treat each other, is SO important.


Changing the world, for the better, is what I’m all about. Having impact. Looking at a product, webpage, or application and knowing I helped build that. Am I an idealist? Yes, but I temper that with organizational realities while also gently pushing against them when needed. Sometimes, not so gently in order to create the best work from me and my team.
Below is a listing of my work experience which spans across different industries & platforms including mobile (apps & responsive site), desktop (SaaS apps, task-based pages, & e-commerce), telephone systems, & technology ecosystems that span across and support all these channels and more.

Work Experience

Senior UX Researcher

State Farm, Bloomington, IL

Feb 2014 – Current

Research Lead on major initiatives with a team of 2-6 researchers

Consistent track record for impacting decision makers in product lines and business areas as well as technical professionals.

Research Scientist

Philips Research, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

July 2009 – Jan 2014

Design research on both products and interaction with future technologies

Ethnographic study of research teams and how they communicate with stakeholders

Principal Consultant/Founder

The Experience Institute, Bloomington, IN & The Netherlands

October 2007-Feb 2014

UX consulting work with small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations conducting both research and design work on interactive systems and organizational changes.

I also have an extended work history if you’d like to read through it.


PhD – Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Thesis complete, defense expected Fall 2016

MS – Human-Computer Interaction Design

Indiana University, Bloomington, INA design research focused program with a strong emphasis in design studio culture.

BA – Philosophy

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT